Bill 158, Defibrillator Training and Access Act 2019

  • Community Update

Every year, more than 7000 Ontarians will experience cardiac arrest. Using a defibrillator on someone experiencing cardiac arrest can dramatically improve survival rates by more than 50 per cent.

In December 2019, I introduced a private member’s bill 158 intended to expand access to lifesaving defibrillators in public spaces across Ontario. The bill would also establish a defibrillator registry so that when someone called emergency services, the operator could quickly and easily determine the location of closest device.

My colleagues MPP Martin and MPP Gelinas introduced similar bills during the legislative session. We worked collaboratively to bring MPP Martin’s bill to the committee stage where public hearings were held in Sudbury and Toronto, so that experts and those with lived experience could help inform the legislation.

Thank you to the Heart & Stroke, The ACT Foundation, CARE, survivors and all those who appeared before committee and submitted written applications. Your input was extremely valuable and greatly appreciated.

I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues on committee to update the legislation and pass it in the house so it becomes law. 

To read the three bills 140, 141 or 158, visit: