My private member’s motion for a clear and transparent roll out of COVID-19 vaccines

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Ontario Liberals call for clear and transparent roll out of COVID-19 vaccines  

Tuesday, December 8, 2020  

TORONTO – Today debate begins on Liberal MPP John Fraser’s private member’s motion calling on the Ford government to be clear and transparent about their COVID-19 vaccination roll out  plan for Ontario.  

“Executing a smooth roll out of the COVID-19 vaccination plan is the most important thing we can do to ensure the health and safety of Ontarians and our economy,” said Fraser. 

“The first order of business is prioritizing high risk Ontarians.” 

Fraser is asking the government to commit to bi-weekly reporting of key statistics, including local vaccination targets and rates.  

“Ontarians need to have confidence that we’re properly utilizing our vaccine capacity as it becomes available. That means setting targets and showing your progress,” said Fraser. 

The motion also calls on the Minister of Health or a member of the Vaccine Task Force to appear before the meeting of the Select Committee on Emergency Management Oversight monthly, providing a progress report and taking questions from the committee.  

“We all want this roll-out to be successful. It’s vital to the health and wellbeing of all our communities. We owe it to every Ontarian to get this right,” said Fraser. 

“The government struggled with the flu vaccine roll out this year, despite it being a major pillar in their second wave plan. Too many Ontarians have not received it. This simply cannot happen with the COVID-19 vaccine. It’s important that the legislature have a thoughtful and reasonable debate on how to best implement, communicate and provide oversight of Ontario’s COVID-19 vaccine plan.”  



Grace Johnson