Ontario at the back of the pack, again: vaccine supply is not getting to where we need it most – seniors living in Long-Term Care

  • Community Update

January 19, 2021

MPP John Fraser, issued the following statement:

“Ontario is not delivering COVID-19 vaccines to the province’s most vulnerable quickly enough.

Given that over 200,000 doses have been administered, we know that Ontario has had enough supply to vaccinate all 72,000 long-term care residents.

Alberta has vaccinated all Long-Term Care residents. Quebec has completed 75% of inoculations and British Columbia will be finished by the end of the month. Instead, Ontario is not even half way through vaccinating every resident in Long-Term Care.

Once again, Ontario is at the back of the pack. Pausing over Christmas put us behind. We need to do better.

There is a lack of transparency as to where our vaccine supply is being distributed and most importantly, who is receiving it. The government is not providing regular, weekly reporting and daily updates. Ontarians deserve to see measurable targets and ongoing, real-time progress.

When vaccine supply is limited, speed and precision are needed in equal measure.”